The Power of Concentration Can Lead You To Success

Did you ever stop to think what an important part your thoughts, concentrated thoughts, play in your life?

In order to accomplish your goal you must concentrate. That is why it is very important to learn how to concentrate. To be successful in anything you do you must be able to concentrate your entire thought upon the idea you are working out.

Do not become discouraged, if you are unable to hold your thought on the subject very long at first. There are very few that can. It seems a peculiar fact that it is easier to concentrate on something that is not good for you, than on something that is beneficial. This tendency is overcome when you learn to concentrate consciously.

If you will just practice a few concentration exercises each day you will find you will soon develop this wonderful power of concentration.

Success is assured when you are able to concentrate for you are then able to utilize for your good all constructive thoughts and shut out all the destructive ones. It is of the greatest value to be able to think only that which will be beneficial.

Human is a wonderful creature, but to be useful, they must be trained and developed. A great work can be accomplished by everyone if they can be awakened to do their very best. But the greatest person would not accomplish much if he or she lacked concentration and effort. Dwarfs can often do the work of giants when they are transformed by the almost magic power of great mental concentration. But giants will only do the work of dwarfs when they lack this power.

You can accomplish more by concentration than by fitness. The person that is apparently best suited for a job does not always fill it best. It is the person that concentrates on its every possibility that makes an art of both their work and their life.

All your real advancement must come from your individual effort. The power of concentration can stimulate and inspire you to achieve success; it will bring you into perfect harmony with the laws of success. It will give you a firmer hold on your duties and responsibilities.

The methods of thought concentration if put into practice will open up interior avenues that will connect you with the everlasting laws of God and their inexhaustible foundation of unchangeable truth. Let all your acts and thoughts have the intensity and power of concentration. If you will do this you will soon cultivate a concentrated mental habit, which will enable you to read with ordinary rapidity and remember all that you read.

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