Habits of Losers

The BIGGEST MISTAKE you can ever make is being too AFRAID to make one.

Losers or failures or unsuccessful people share certain universal characteristics and habits that could make them to fail in whatever they do. Losers are unsuccessful precisely because they formed the habit of doing things that successful people do not like to do. If you do not consciously form good habits, you will unconsciously form bad ones. Why are you unsuccessful in achieving your goal? Do you even have a goal? If you do have one, then you are not a loser.

  1. You are too scared of failing that you do nothing.
  2. Lazy
  3. Squander time
  4. You Procrastinate Until Opportunities Vanish
  5. Blaming others for the mistakes you made. Losers blame, winners take responsibility.
  6. Wasteful
  7. Profligate – You are recklessly extravagant and wasteful in the use of resources.
  8. Spendthrift
  9. Indecisive – You do not know what you want from life.
  10. Doubleminded
  11. Losers will  sacrifice a principle for a temporary gain.
  12. Arrogant
  13. Being Negative
  14. Winners make goals, losers make excuses.
  15. Pessimism is a trait of losers. Losers always find a reason to lose, even if the situation or opportunity is already presenting itself.
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