What Leads To SUCCESS?

The big 8 things that could lead you to success and to sustain it.

  1. Passion – To be successful, you should be driven by your passion. Do it for love not for money.
  2. Work – It’s all hard works. Nothing comes easily. You should have a lot of fun working.
  3. Good – To be successful, you should put down your nose down in something and get damn good at it. To be good you need to practice, practice, practice….
  4. Focus – It all has to do with focusing yourself to one thing.
  5. Push – To be successful, you got to push yourself physically and mentally.
  6. Serve – To be successful, you to to serve others something of value. Millionaires do that.
  7. Ideas – To be successful, you got to have ideas. Ideas – Listen, Observe, Be Curious, Ask Questions, Problem Solve, Make Connection
  8. Persist – To be successful, you got to be persistence, because persistence is the number one reason for your success. You got to persist through failure.

Success is a continuous journey.

Successful singer Sheena Easton did it for love. Do you do it for love? When you do it, do it for love! Can you do it?

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