A Winner Never Gives Up


Max Miller: Are you okay?
Naomi Clark: Oh, I’m sorry. I’m just on edge.
Max Miller: Why?
Naomi Clark: Um… I… just found out I was wait-listed at CU. It’s, like, my dream school. Now I pretty much have nothing to live for.
Max Miller: Victor numquam cedit.
Naomi Clark: Who’s that? Is he cute?
Max Miller: It’s not a guy. It’s a Latin phrase. It means “A winner never gives up.” Because you may be many things, Naomi, airhead, clothes horse, an occasional bitch, but you are not a quitter. Or so you led me to believe. Look, you still have time to impress CU. Colleges want more than just good grades. They want people with the whole package. Sports, charity work, uh, extracurriculars. Hey, you could join the marching band. Or what about chess club? They’re always looking for girls.
Naomi Clark: I could imagine. But, no, you’re right. I’ll think of something. Victor numbnuts credit.
Max Miller: Victor numquam cedit.
Naomi Clark: Victor numquam cedit.

Moral of the Story

You can be an airhead or an occasional bitch, but one thing that you should never be is a quitter (a person who gives up easily; defeatist). It’s always too early to quit.

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