Top 10 Highest-Paid Footballers In The World In 2010

(1) David Beckham

Los Angeles Galaxy (US$40 million)

(2)  Cristiano Ronaldo

Real Madrid (US$38 million)

(3) Lionel Messi

Barcelona (US$32 million)

(4) Ricardo Kaka

Real Madrid (US$25 million)

(5) Ronaldinho

Flamengo (US$24 million)

(6) Thierry Henry

New York Red Bulls (US$21 million)

(7) Wayne Rooney

Manchester United (US$20 million)

(8) Frank Lampard

Chelsea (US$17 million)

(9) Zlatan Ibrahimovic

AC Milan (US$17 million)

(10) Samuel Eto’o

Inter Milan (US$15 million)

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